Environmental Planning & Impact Assessments

Environmental Planning facilitates decision making during project development to ensure due consideration is given to the natural environmental, social, political, economic and governance factors and provides a frame work to achieve sustainable outcomes. 


Environmental Impact Assessments

Certain developments must be assessed for likely environmental effects before planning permission can be granted through the use of the procedures involved in an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).  When submitting a planning application for such a development, the applicant must submit an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  Projects requiring EIA are listed in the Planning and Development Regulations.


EIA allows for the systematic examination of the likely significant effects on the environment of a proposed development.  The process ensures that adequate consideration is given to any such effects; and avoiding, reducing or offsetting any significant adverse environmental effects.  The EIA procedure is designed to ensure that measures to improve a proposal can be taken at the earliest opportunity.  


The EIA process allows for the assessment of impacts on air quality, the landscape, surface & ground waters, noise, flora & fauna, soil, cultural heritage, etc.


Envest Environmental Ltd. can assist clients from the earliest stage of project development, including whether EIA is likely to be required for a development - EIA Screening - and define the important environmental impacts of a development and how they should be assessed - EIA Scoping.  Through consultation with statutory / regulatory stakeholders and various interested parties, we obtain a wide range of Screening and Scoping Opinion to agree the need for and scope of EIA.



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